Executive Summary: The Role Of Global Competition In The Auto Industry

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Global competition in the industry
American Auto Industry is facing very powerful competition presence in form of Japanese auto industry. After the 1990s they have taken a lion’s share in the global market. Some of them are Honda, Toyota, Mazda, Isuzu, Suzuki, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Yamaha and Kawasaki. They have created superior products and win the consumer’s hearts. American auto industry enjoyed monopoly on world’s auto industry for a while but Japanese and German car makers have made a huge impact and taken over so much of their share in the market. American auto industry have a presence in European market but it is not much and Japanese and European industry holds most of the cards in it. In most of the world one can see the competition neck to neck and it will only continue to grow.
This fierce competition is a driving force which is making huge impacts in innovation of design, superior products now laced with new and improved gadgets with an emphasis on safety. New technology is not only making a greater impact on consumer product which is essential for a standout and unique product but it is driving innovations and research in its own path. American auto industry is facing quite a challenge in making
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People need to buy a better looking car even when they need it in order to keep a so called status, this is still one of the upside for American auto industry, GM is making some impacts in Japan and China’s own market because their product attract more young generation as thrilling and exciting. They are buying American cars because they feel better in it and feel as if driving these vehicles makes them more attractive. American auto industries know this and take advantage of it, recent commercials of Dodge are the proof of this in which they remove the driver from the car who is listening to classical music and driving slower than a

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