Essay on American And French And Russian Revolutions

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Revolution is defined as the overthrow of status quo, one regime with supersession of another. A country or a clan, going through hard times for extended period is likely to result in a revolution. Resentment towards the government or authority and acquiring political ideas is also common in a revolution. They have happened in almost every society from ancient times to present. These revolutions follow a pattern with a similar cause and result, usually end in a new or reformed type of government, with new traditions and ideas. Another common result is the birth of new policies towards classes of people. The American and French and Russian Revolutions are prime examples of these causes and effects.

The French Revolution (circa 1788-1799) is considered to be one of the most paramount events in world history because it drastically transmuted the face of France, which at the time of the Revolution was the most puissant country in Europe, as well as altered the traditions of the culture and regime. The French Revolution was a chain of political and gregarious acts by reformers in the French Regime to eliminate the absolute power of the King and the affluent landowners and develop a Regime elected solely by the denizens of the town. This Revolution would ultimately instigate the act of liberty and equipollence for the people and engender fair living standards and treatment for all convivial classes. The Revolution prompted the expansion of supplemental political forces such as…

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