America 's Work For Chinas Factories Work At Harsh And Unhealthy Conditions

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Throughout life, many consumers may not think about where the clothes that he or she wears comes from or who made it. My favorite pair of black compact boots that I bought from Target is made in China. Target has rules and regulations in place to protect employees that work in these factories, but is that enough to protect them. Many employees that work for Chinas factories work in harsh and unhealthy conditions. Some employee’s goes days with a day off or are forces to work. In today’s world, it is important for consumers to understand where there clothing is made, how the government protects employees, and how the company makes sure that the regulations are followed. My favorite piece of clothing that I own are my pair of black compact boots that I purchased from Target last year. These boots are made from one of Targets main brands called Massimo and paid around forty dollars for the pair of shoes. The compacts boots are mostly black and have gray and white on the sides making it easy to dress up or make a casual outfit complete. If I am in a rush, these boots have a zipper on the sides of the shoes making it easy to grab and put on in the mornings. As a company, Target has many policies and guidelines that a factory or store will have to follow such as laws or standards that Target has in place. The facility must have a human resource department that will keep personal files and handle hiring or firing of employees. On Targets website claims, “We verify that they…

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