America 's Total Amount Of Almonds Essay

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California grows 80 percent of the world’s total amount of almonds. The almonds not only require a vast supplement of water, even through the treacherous droughts in the state of California, they require the work of honeybees to pollinate each almond tree. That means about two beehives for every ache of almond trees and at least 1.7 million beehives total, or 85 percent of all the available commercial beehives in the United States, according to Gene Brandi, a California beekeeper and vice president of the American Beekeeping Federation. Since the honeybees’ health has been going downhill, California is attracting more bees in from various parts of the United States. Beekeepers are sending their beehives to California every year when the state has nearly 500,000 beehives, with at least another million coming to California from thousands of miles away. Beekeepers in the United States make less profit producing honey than they do from sending their beehives out for rent for pollinating plants and crops like almonds. At stated by Tom Philpott, a writer for Mother Jones, in 2012, United States beekeepers made 283 million dollars from honey, lower than the 656 million dollars from pollination. Since a decade ago, the land set aside for almonds has doubled and each time one more acre is added, the farmers need another two beehives for pollinating the almond trees. USDA numbers stated that land for almonds grew by 5 percent and it continues to grow larger each year, as reported by…

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