America 's The American Dream Essay

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The American Dream In the continent of Asia where I used to live, the American dream has brought to my attention to live and work here in America. Certainly, there are three categories that I want to share to which this American dream for me is well and alive and these are as follows: Due to poverty, due to lack of employment and due to family responsibility. First category is due to poverty. Anyone in my hometown in Asia wants to come in America because of poverty and to have American dream. I worked in the hotel and luckily the one month salary in my hometown as professional was just 5 to 6 days of work here in America. I definitely agree that American dream is well and alive when I started working and continue working until now. The work I have here started my thought that without sacrifice, determination and struggle American dream could not be achieved. I could say that my American dream is a little bit moving to reality. It is definitely that poverty is the main reason why people all over the world not only Asia are fleeing from their country and settle down to live here in America. The over population of other countries, corruption, national calamities and political self-interest makes the people living condition become poorer. I have seen many ethnicity working around the streets as I was driving with my American dream car; it is either outside is hot and too cold outside many engineers and construction workers are moving…

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