Essay on America 's National Security And Foreign Policy Interests

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Question 3: Assume that President-Elect Trump has asked you, as an expert on the topic, for a briefing on how and why intra-state conflicts might impact on America’s national security and foreign policy interests. Craft a response that includes a) a statement explaining why the United States should be concerned about civil wars and ethnic conflicts in general; b) your own list of “red flags” or early warning indicators for the onset of such conflicts drawn from the theoretical literature and actual cases; and c) a list of plausible, specific options for how the United States (and other actors at the international/systemic level of analysis) might respond to such conflicts.

You may use examples of current conflicts as well as case studies from the course in this essay.

The 21st century, while it brings many advantages that the United States can use to its advantage, also brings about various challenges that must be faced. A major challenge that has haunted the United States since the 20th century is the international status of the United States as the big brother of the world. Because of this status, the United States has involved itself in various intra-state conflicts throughout the years, supplying anything from intelligence and funds to certain parties in the conflict all the way to sending boots on the ground and actively fighting for the group that they support. With this new presidency, the United States must now analyze its policy of intervention in civil wars…

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