America 's Military Participation As A Defense Mechanism For The United States

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World War two was fought by many countries both between the allied and axis forces, and each country no matter how small was imperative to the advancement of their side. Canada and Mexico both fought the Second World War on the allied side, Mexico declared war on the axis powers on May 22, 1942, and Canada on September 10, 1939. At the time of the war, Mackenzie King was Prime Minister of Canada and Avila Camacho was the President of Mexico. Mexico, clearly not being as developed as Canada could not participate to the same extent but they helped the allies win nonetheless. Mexico 's military participation as a defense mechanism for the first few months of the war and its offensive role in helping to liberate the Philippines was an advantage to the allies that ultimately helped them defeat the axis. Similarly, Canada 's military role as part of British defense and supplying men in battle was also crucial to the overall success of the allied forces.
Mexico 's communist background had made it in favour of Germany but once the Germans invaded Russia in 1941 and attacked numerous Mexican ships they cut off all friendly ties and joined the allied side. But even then Mexicans were somewhat apprehensive of Americans because of their intrusive past, nevertheless, they gave their support and efforts in fighting next to the U.S. Mexican military 's main goal when it first joined the war was coastal defense because it seemed unlikely that they would be able to be sent to combat. They…

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