Essay on America 's Land Of The Free, Home And The Brave

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America. Land of the Free, home of the brave. “All men are created equal” could’ve fooled me. The United States claims that is is a “free” country, but does that right not include African Americans? Richard Wright, a black boy indeed, lived in an unstable environment filled with nothing but struggle and hardships. To make matters worse, he was raised in a racist southern society where blacks were oppressed, belittled and degraded. He was treated like dirt and stomped on throughout life. If everyone is supposed to be treated equal, then why did Wright, along with so many other blacks, have to suffer through pain, suffering and discouragement? His childhood played a major factor in shifting his life in both a positive and negative way. He was constantly judged, many times by his own race, starving from a lack of food a home, and didn’t have a stable home or learning environment. While all of this is true, what he went through made him a better person in life. It made him stronger and smarter, able to become a better writer and face his challenges. As seen early on in the book, Wright faces many challenges as a boy involving his family. He was always alienated from his environment and even though he tried to distance himself from the prejudice all around him, the white people still tried to turn him into the stereotypical southern black person. His relatives never understood him and because of this, he was estranged from his family and his own people. Wright’s life…

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