America 's Involvement Of The United States Constitution Essay

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America’s involvement in the world and constant need to improve, has led to many disasters. It has become such a strong nation from all of the wounds that have been engraved in our history that each one has come to make America a “More Perfect Union.”

The Federalists papers were a series of essays in order to argue for a United States constitution. All 85 essays were written to “Create a More Perfect Union” and ultimately, created a foundation for the United Stated of America to create an initial set of rules that would lead to a formal document called The Constitution. Americans still use The Constitution today to promote a strong government. Federalist No. 10, written by Madison, stands out among the rest of the Federalist Papers because this one was arguing for the prevention of the nation splitting into factions. This played a tremendous role in the ratification of The Constitution because Madison knew that if America split into factions and operated by majority rather than act as one, Americans would not be as united of a nation. It is natural that humans act upon their own desires however this would lead to factions. By using the “Eliminate Clause”, it would be possible to remove factions such as, interest, passion and control. In order to do this, America would have to take away some of the liberties that Americans enjoyed in which the paper states, “Destroying the liberty which is essential to its existence.” The only risk that comes along with this idea is the…

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