America 's Increasing Homeless Individual Count Essay

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While on your walk to your downtown business job, you are more than likely going to run into a homeless individual. This man, woman, or child does not sleep in the comfort of a home or bed but, a single piece of cardboard, laid on the grimy sidewalks on Honolulu’s business district… they do not wake up in the morning to their phone alarm but instead the sound of sirens and horns of by passers… they do not get to drink their Starbuck coffee for breakfast. Instead they are sitting on the sidewalk begging “suits” for their change as they walk to their six-figure job. The one homeless person you may see while walking is one of the 7,921 homeless individuals in the State of Hawaii in 2016 (“State of Hawaii” 13). The Island of Oahu, known as “The Gathering Place,” has become a hotspot for the growing homeless populations to gather and live. Oahu’s increasing homeless individual count can be attributed to multiple economic hardship facing the island.
The Merriam-Webster defines homeless as “having no home or permanent place of residence.” This is true for the 2,173 unsheltered homeless individuals and 2,767 sheltered homeless individuals on the island of Oahu (“State of Hawaii” 15). Homelessness is generally not a choice of living for the majority of those who find themselves in this predicament. Job loss, increase in price of rent, low wages, lack of affordable housing are all aspects that homeless individuals do not have control of, but instead the Hawaii State Government and…

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