Essay on America 's Gross Domestic Product

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When compared to the possibility of America suddenly becoming insolvent, the other are certainly important, but it does not compare to the problem of being financially ruined. Thus, becoming financially ruined is what will occur if there are not enough good jobs available for people (Clifton, 2011). America’s gross domestic product (GDP) – the sum of the annual total goods and services, is at a halt. One significant rationale is since 2008, underemployment have dramatically increased (Clifton, 2011). Moreover, according to the U.S. Department of Labor, unemployment (at that time) was approximately ten percent. The Gallup World Poll not only examined the unemployment percentage, but the underemployment percentage as well; thus, the underemployment (at that time) was twenty percent. Conversely, underemployment is defined as individuals having part-time employment, but are desiring full-time employment (Clifton, 2011). Though there is no easy fix to the unemployment rate, community colleges leaders will have to think on another level – outside the box to address the unemployment issues so people can be trained and if needed, re-trained. More specifically, community colleges will have to consider implementing programs that are attainable and would land students good jobs- reinventing the wheel to fit the needs of society (Kezar, 2014).
A sixth concept is according to the Gallup World Poll, there are three hundred million people in America. Consequently,…

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