America 's Education Crisis : Moral Reforms Essay examples

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Since the 1950s the United States has experienced what is called an “education crisis”. This crisis came from the idea that American schools could not compare on a global scale. As a result of this fear, many laws and programs have been launched since then to improve education. These programs covered a myriad of issues thought to have been connected to the failing system. Although some aspects of the educational system have improved since the 1970s due to changing morals and new technological advances, there are still many issues today regarding matters of state testing, quality due to funding, and its inherently unequal structure. Some of the issues most directly related to America 's education crisis were moral reforms. One of the biggest changes since the 19th century was the mixing of religion and education. Creationism was frequently taught in school in place of the more scientific based evolution. Since 1968 there are been many cases regarding whether or not creationism should be taught at least in public schools. In 1987, Edwards v. Aguillard it was determined that Louisiana’s “Creationism Act” was unconstitutional, due to the fact “[that] by advancing the religious belief that a supernatural being created humankind, which is embraced by the term creation science, the act [that] impermissibly endorses religion” (Matsumura, Mead). As a result, many schools no longer teach creationism. However, in at least 14 states in the United States today, there are schools that…

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