America 's Culture : South Park Essay

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America 's culture is being represented in a comedy animated sitcom called South Park. The show revolves around four elementary schoolboys who are Stan,Kyle, Eric, and Kenny. The show is based on the boys bizarre adventures around their small town in Colorado. The show uses a variety of characters that are important figures in America. This could be celebrities and political figures.South park is known to be infamous for its rude language and dark, surreal humor that satirizes tones of controversial topics happening in America. South Park is an ordinary show that has fundamental similarities than all other shows, but with a different twist In the article “Extreme LIfestyles”, the author Sonia Massik and Jack Solomon states,”Although quite different in many respects, these current and recent television programs have something fundamental in common: They all feature ordinary people with ordinary families and ordinary lives — except that they are also drug dealers, vampires, serial killers, polygamists, or mobsters”(273). South Park is a show that has similar characteristics than other show in television today, but the show takes their topics to whole new level. South Park creates topics about what is happen in American society. The writers Trey Parker, and Matt Stone grab their viewers attention through the hilarious ideas they created for these topics. The show is describing how americans react to great issues going on around them.Some of those issues are about…

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