America 's Criminal Justice System Essay

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Our Criminal Justice System here in the United States was created around the 17th century and composed of the police forces, courts, and the corrections. Although America’s Criminal Justice System has been around for centuries, it changes with laws and customs we put forth in our society. In order for our society to run peacefully, we have to establish new laws and regulations to keep people safe and living happily. This leaves Americans wondering: what is the point of our criminal justice system and does it work to the standard we need it to? Americans have a government in which we are able to vote as a unit to pass or reject laws, called Democracy. Our society is ever changing, which means new laws are going to be propositioned in order to maintain society from becoming chaotic. For example, if we did not have a law in which murders would be penalized for killing other humans, every citizens “fear of crime” would be through the roof and nobody would leave there house. We have to give up certain freedoms in order to be protected and have a sense of safety in this world. When voting for laws we have to ask ourselves, “Does the positive outcomes of this law outweigh giving up this freedom if this law is passed?” In China, they use to have Legalistic government where the ruler passes laws and punishments are severe if one does not comply. Han Feizi, the creator of Legalism, said, “The more effectively that a ruler can reward those ministers who fulfill their duties…

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