Essay about America Should Implement A Junk Food Tax For U.s. Citizens

1484 Words Jan 18th, 2016 6 Pages
The modern world we live in consists of time consuming activities that do not give us the chance to be with each other or stay at home to relax. We go to work, school, practices, and rehearsals so often we do not even have the time to sit at a table and eat. We may often find ourselves at the drive thru window of many of the top fast food chains that rule our world each day between activities. The repetition of eating high amounts of sodium and sugar in small bursts instead of having a big, healthy meal hurt us in the end with heart disease, obesity, and more deadly lifestyle diseases. Our democracy should implement a junk food tax for U.S. citizens to influence the rate of obesity to lower due to the lack of food deserts in low income communities, increase in education on the effects of culture-influenced eating, and decrease in advertising on unhealthy products and activities.

The amount of time we have to spend with our loved ones and to eat healthy meals is limited nowadays yet the solution for a full schedule cannot be solved by a government sanction. The solution to lower the risk of lifestyle diseases can start with the change in ingredients and dishes at the fast food restaurants we visit so frequently. The cause of the saturated fats and lack of nutrition in our foods are from the corn subsidies that insert themselves into most of the foods we consume. The prevalence of corn and how it can be transformed into anything to make it sweeter or larger, more…

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