America Is A Place Of Freedom Essays

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America is a place of freedom as some people love to say. The history of our country tells a different story. Throughout America 's history, people have been oppressed and treated terribly. These people have had freedoms stripped away and denied easy lives due to being slightly different than the “normal” person at the time. But the oppressed were able to fight through the tough times and band together for a common cause. The formation of social movements created a voice for the men, women and children who, by themselves, had no say in what they could or couldn’t do. Social movements made the population notice what was truly wrong with the ways these people were being treated. Harsh treatment wasn 't held to just one type of population, it was pointed towards the groups that seemed “less” than normal and seemed strange to the majority of the population. America has seen its fair share of different social movements. But some people get confused as to what describes a social movement and not a special interest movement. Lydia Low made a short video that shows the difference and easily explains how social movements are not the same as special interest groups. This short video isn 't even two minutes, yet is able to clear up a lot of misinformation about social movements and what people may believe they are for. If more people understood these differences, they may be able to understand the idea of what certain groups are standing for and how they want to change a problem that…

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