America Is A Democracy Or Democratic Nation? Essay

1026 Words Sep 3rd, 2015 5 Pages
The United States of America is and has been a symbol of freedom to citizens and foreigners alike, but in actuality, is America really the free, democratic nation one is led to believe it is? This topic could be argued appropriately from both points of view, only the question still remains: Which perspective is more justified? To create a standard at which to compare the United States to, first one has to know what exactly a democracy is. According to, a democracy is basically a “government by the people.” If America is truly a democracy, then the numerous unjust occurrences that have transpired throughout history towards citizens would never have happened. However, these happenings continue to occur, and government officials continue to state that America is a democracy. America, however, is clearly not a democracy due to unreasonable voting rights, unfair representation by the government, and continuous Bill of Rights violations. Voting has always been a topic of interest for many debates throughout history, and is therefore one of the reasons why America is definitely not a democracy.. First of all, the outrageous criteria to be eligible to vote here in the United States is undoubtedly preposterous. To vote, you first have to be 18 years or older ("What Are the Requirements to Be Eligible to Vote in Federal Elections?"). While this may seem justified, many people eager to vote are being withheld from doing so because of this age requirement. Voting…

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