America And The Great War Essay

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America and The Great War The Great War, also known as World War 1. The immediate trigger for World War 1 was the assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand. The event, of the assassination, set off a diplomatic crisis. Within weeks the major powers were all in the war, with a spread all around the world.
Militarism, Nationalism, Imperialism Militarism was not linked to just one country; it was seen as a European development (Hibberd, 1987). It was a phase in history that grasped its peak with the end being foreseeable (Hibberd, 1987). The war was looming and none of the nations wanted to be outdone by anyone, in means to their military. Many countries were ready to enlist all the men they possibly could. After, everyone was ready and willing to fight for their countries. The armies were destroying their economies, this was another reason the countries needed the war. They could not just let everyone go they had to find a way to use them and get rid of them, so they were not losing, what better way than war. This allowed the nations the pass they needed to defeat the enemy, to provide themselves protection, along with the disarmament of their soldiers. Militarism has been connected to nationalism. Nationalism, along with militarism, was known as important forces of history at the time of the reformation (Hibberd, 1987). Nationalism, by definition, is “loyalty and devotion to a nation” (Merriam-Webster, n.d.). Nationalism is what was believed by the people to help…

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