Essay on Americ Land Of Opportunity And : A Failing Education System

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America: Land of Opportunity and... a Failing Education System?
America is known all over the world as the land of opportunity. Individuals from foreign countries look to America as a way for them to make it big. More importantly, they see it as place for their children to prosper and continue their legacy. The number one thing parents look to as an indication of their kids future and one of the only ways they can prosper in their education. Education has been a crucial part of people’s lives as long as one can remember. Whether it was China and the examination system or intellectuals with enlightenment, people have always looked to education as a way to enhance themselves either in society or personally. So, it is not surprising that people will move all the way to another country, America, for a better education. Although education has has positive connotations in many people 's life it has started to shift within the US education system. The term “anti-intellectualism” refers to this negative view and how one looks at the system as corrupt and unvalued. More and more people are having a hard time believing in American education. When money and politics get included into the education system, people believe it mixes with the values and morals. To them, it skews the whole purpose of education. There are numerous authors that allude the ideals of anti intellectualism in their works. They highlight America’s education system in an anti-intellectualism lense due to its…

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