Americ A Nation Will Not Survive Essay

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Can America and its people survive in an economy where the rich continue to take the largest share of wealth in the country? Senator Bernie Sanders tweeted that “A nation will not survive morally or economically when so few have so much, while so many have so little”. The truth of the matter is that the rich have more money than the rest of the population. This creates an unbalanced system that will destroy itself leading to such events as the recession of 2008 which caused, “unprecedented challenges for American families” (Pfeffer, Danziger, and Schoeni). From the 2008 recession, billions of dollars were lost and most hard working American families were hit hard with the economic downturn. The rich simply have too much money in a system that was meant for everyone to be somewhat equal (American Pie: Wealth and Income Inequality in America). To make matters worse, those at the top are not allowing the poor and working classes to rise up and better themselves (Stone et al.). It is barely possible for the American working class to climb the social ladder when the majority of America’s wealth is being funneled to the already rich and prosperous. The working poor cannot be expected to better their situations when the rich will not let them work a proper job. Since the economy has partially recovered from the recession of 2008, the rich have been collecting the extra cash rather than using their new found money to create jobs or raise wages (Traub and McGhee). In turn, the…

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