What Are The Effects Of Argumentative Essay On Free Education

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Have you ever heard of Ruby Bridges, the famous African American activist? She was known for being the first African American to be integrated into an all Caucasian elementary school in Louisiana during the 1960s. Do you believe it’s fair for sabotage someone educational opportunities? Her education opportunities were sabotaged because she was black. She fought hard for her educational rights and sued the Board of education. The U.S. Supreme Court ruling was in her favor by ruling it unconstitutional. After this, African Americans were finally allowed to go to school to better themselves. This changed made education free to all no matter the color of their skin. It allowed a new destination for black lives. Before, black people were not allowed …show more content…
My solution to this problem is fairly simple. We must simply make tertiary education free to all. A free education has been provided throughout our lives and should continue. I know some biased money hungry people may think that this isn’t fair. I do agree that the college systems working hard every day doesn’t just grow money on trees to pay for their valued faulty member. They deserved to be paid just like any job, but why not think of a better way to pay then rather than out of their student’s pockets. I think it’s possible to provide the education for free without charging students those ridiculous prices. All we have to do is start taking out money out of the student’s paycheck after they get a job in their career field. Let’s them enter college debt free and when they graduate and get a job in their field of study to just have a tax put on their paycheck to pay back the school. This provides little to no stress at all for students to not have the pressure of worrying about financial issues. Some people may say this is another form of debt, but it really isn’t. It is more like any other regular type of tax deduction from your taxes. It also takes strain off of your family. By taking out a loan, someone who dies and doesn’t pay it off, their parents of relatives are stuck with it until they die. It’s a never ending cycle until it’s paid off. With my method, there is no need for that. If a person died, that would be it. No family member has to pay off their education because there would be no need. It would be a regular tax deduction from our taxes. It would be a free education for students, but a tax deduction for the working class. Once that students joined the working class, they would then start paying the same tax to allow others to go to college for free. This would provide a debt free life, and with that someone could pursue any career they sought

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