Ambiguous Loss And The Family Grieving Process Essays

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Betz, Gabrielle, and Jill M. Thorngren. "Ambiguous Loss and the Family Grieving Process." The Family Journal 14.4 (2006): 359-65. Web. This article talks about ambiguous grief and how it compares to traditional loss. Ambitious loss can be many things such as a miscarriage, a family member has Alzheimer’s disease, or losing custody of a child. Ambitious loss means there is no closure or clear understanding of what is happened/happening to a family member. This type of closure has a different grieving process compared to the traditional death. The organization of the article was beneficial because it defined ambiguous loss, provided resources, and then had narrative about this type of loss. This article provided information on the stress level and therapy steps people who go through when dealing with this type of loss. When glancing at the article it did not seem like it would be useful to my research, but after researching it became very useful because it pointed the different between ambiguous loss and a traditional loss. The difference between the two types of losses is crucial because it affects the way families and people grieve, which is important to know.
Boyd, Maureen Patricia, and William C. Markarian. "Dialogic Teaching: Talk in Service of a Dialogic Stance." Language and Education 25.6 (2011): 515-20. Web. This article talks about what it means to be a dialogic teacher. It focuses on one elementary teachers reflection and role…

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