Amazon 's Cloud Based Voice Service Essay

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1. Introduction

Amazon, one of the largest e-commerce retailer showed interest movement in November 2014. Prior the this new product, Amazon acquired its reputation in digital market through Amazon Web Service (AMS), which is a cloud service providing IaaS (Infrastructure as a server) and PaaS (Platform as a server) bring massive data into its server. Amazon was smart enough to use this database introducing a voice recognise virtual assistant “Alexa” which is connected with Amazon’s cloud-based database to hear, understand, and process the voice interactions. (AWS)

To providing a cloud-based voice service, Alexa requires a large number of customer database to understand and perform exact meaning that human intent to address. Amazon tried to solve this issue by using massive data from existing Amazon users and collecting new users. Meanwhile, Alexa differentiated the market entry strategy from existing virtual assistant such as Siri by opening up the platform to the third parties (Techno B). Alexa supporting more than 1,000 third party skills and attracting more developers all over the world, which attribute continuous evolution of Alexa.

Recently, I have purchased an Alexa to experience its connectivity with other connected home devices supporting by third party products and applications. I observed its behaviour on my active words and researched on the algorithm of AI system through web published journal and articles.

In this report, I have analysed Amazon’s strategy…

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