How To Write A Term Paper On Alzheimer's

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Learning Disabilities within a Social Context:
Understanding Alzheimer’s

They are currently numerous conditions that impair an individual’s mental function making it difficult to complete day-to-day tasks. One in particular is Alzheimer’s, which is the most common form of dementia that causes complications with memory and thinking processes. Although the cause of Alzheimer’s is still uncertain to health professionals, the result of Alzheimer’s is very clear, which is the damage and therefore death to brain cells. Symptoms typically develop slowly and worsen over a period of time resulting in an interference with daily duties and a change in lifestyle. With reference to a social context, Alzheimer’s is discussed in further detail in the areas of employment and medicalization and the progress each have made. Both face controversy as to how individuals with learning disabilities are treated especially in regards to the media. Lastly, getting into closer contact with individuals with this disability will conclude the paper.

There exists a lot of controversy on whether or not an individual with a learning disability such as Alzheimer’s should participate in the workplace. “Access to meaningful, paid work is a basic
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Even though the condition is not based strictly on age, as other factors such as genetics and the environment have input, it is affecting people at an alarming rate. With more people being affected by this learning disability, society is changing to accommodate them. Workplaces are providing more verbal interaction through instruction and reminder on a daily basis, which as result gives individuals their independence. It is significant for people living with this condition to know they are equally important and just as capable as others in completing their daily tasks while maintaining a degree of

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