Essay on Altruism And Its Effect On Society

2018 Words Jun 27th, 2016 null Page
Altruism, or simply helping others, is a very powerful and important trait. It can be an act of helping or kindness that is done in order to benefit. This action can be provided through a selflessness or a selfishness manor. Much research has been done to show the situational as well as personal factors involved in the decision making process. No matter how big or small the action is, an impact on society can be made. There are many benefits and effects that leave a lasting impression on the people involved in the behavior. These benefits can even be as drastic as decreasing the mortality rate of the individual. Society as a whole must come together and act altruistically.
When looking at acts of kindness, in other words altruism, it can bring different illustrations to various individuals. For some, this behavior can be something as simple as holding the door for others or giving a compliment as the person walks by. To others, altruism can be as elaborate as saving someone from a fire or keeping them out of harm’s way. No matter how one defines a behavior as altruistic or not, each behavior is done with the same basic outcome of benefiting an individual. This benefit can be towards the other person or even the individual performing the action as well. To determine who is being benefited, one must look at the motivations behind the actions. Not only this but there are also certain factors that influence why, how, and if someone will help. Some could even argue, “morally…

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