Altruism : An Altruistic Act Essay examples

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Almost all religions have some set of morals. These morals make us who we are even at the deepest of levels that we can’t even access. This also means that anyone who goes against these morals is typically shunned in many religions. There are many religions that look at this as a chance to pray for forgiveness and to become closer with whom they believe in. Religious groups always want to add new members to the group and they look at this as an altruistic act because they believe they are helping others live a better life. Whether this counts as an altruistic act depends on what each individual person believes. However, for example, if a criminal joining a religious group keeps him from committing crimes to now he’s started volunteering, then that very easily could be looked at as altruistic.
Altruism in My Life Picking the topic of altruism wasn’t a very difficult choice for me. This is a trait that I feel I have had my entire life and is a trait I feel is obvious in my personality. When taking the personality test for the Big Five I scored a 99 in Agreeableness and I feel like throughout my life empathy is something that has always been shown and taught to me. I can’t really explain why I became so altruistic, both of my parents have always shown altruism in their own ways, but they were never the type to take their weekends to volunteer for example. However I have over 300 hours volunteering at just my local wildlife shelter alone. Though I do not wish to be too out in…

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