Alternatives And Alternatives For Imprisonment Essays

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Alternatives to Imprisonment There have been many people who have come forward and advocated for the fact that not every criminal needs to be thrown in prison. The reasons why people feel this way I believe are pretty clear. The biggest reason being the fact that money has to be sent in order to keep these people alive and when I say money; I mean a lot of money. There are states that are currently spending more money on prisoners rather than on children’s education. In a New York Times article, a study done by the Independent Budget Office showed that New York City spent on average $167,731 per inmate in 2012. Although that number already seems like a lot of money, it will blow your mind when you realize that on an average day, New York City housed 12,287 inmates in city jails. Instead of spending all of this money to house inmates, we could be putting it to better you and essentially keep it from going to waste because that’s what we are currently doing with it right now. One alternative to imprisonment that was presented in the book would be reporting programs. Day reporting centers and work release programs are sanctions that serve both punitive and rehabilitated purposes by allowing defendants to return to or remain in their communities under strict guidelines. In these reporting programs, participants typically have to report daily to the center where they go through their schedule for the day and discuss things that will help them with staying out of jail.…

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