Alternative Dispute Resolution: Analyze the Method of Alternative Dispute Resolutions

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The purpose of this paper is to summarize and analyze the method of alternative dispute resolutions. An outline of the various forms is provided as well as a discussion of the methods used in two dispute cases relating to a borrower and an employee. In this paper I will also discuss alternative dispute resolution methods to be used in solving disputes in the current learning team environment. “ To avoid or reduce these problems, businesses are increasingly turning to methods of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) and other aids to resolving disputes” (Chessman, 201 , p. 45-46). This method of dispute resolution is not costly and does not disrupt business as usual or life as usual. Arbitration is the commonly used form of ADR. …show more content…
I have had opportunities to participate in alternative dispute resolution on two occasions, dealing with customers and coworkers. In My position in the corporation is special assets specialist and I handle the workouts for small business and faith-based loans. My job is to negotiate a workout of the bad debts without incurring additional costs to be bank and the borrower. The main form of alternative dispute resolution used is negotiations. The disputes that require resolution are loan defaults. The disputes become a dispute when the borrower disagrees with the default. If the borrower requests to have counsel during the negotiations, my corporation is required to do the same. Our cases were settled through negotiations until the economic downturn when the borrower was unable to continue making payments and the corporation was forced to seek legal remedies through the courts for most cases. My corporation has shifted from departments with employees who have a lone-ranger mentality to teams that functions as one. We had a case a few years ago where our real estate team had a manager whp took that concept to the extreme. One of the team members, who was a key player in managing clients, had illness in the family that kept her away from work during normal working hours. She made up her time by

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