Alternative Crops On The Unhealthy Diets Habits Of Modern Culture

1045 Words Oct 8th, 2015 5 Pages
Laura Reddig
Professor Michelle MacFarlane
AG 198
7 October, 2015
1. Alternative crops are crucial to changing the unhealthy dieting habits of modern culture as the reliance on calorie rich crops rise. The world is shifting its agricultural focus to crops like wheat, corn, and soybeans while crops like sweet potato, cassava and yam are declining in numbers (Parker, 2014). With such a limited number of crops being relied on to provide most dietary nutrition, those crops have to be specifically bred and genetically modified to keep up with the nutritional demand. Alternative crops add diversity in the world’s food supply so a few select crops are not the only ones relied on for a majority of the food demand. They also increase genetic diversity of crops used in agriculture. Around the world, “Wheat is a major staple in 98 percent of countries and rice in 91 percent; soybean … to 74 percent of countries” (Parker, 2014). With such a high dependence on those three crops, if a disease eliminated even one, the effects could be catastrophic. If alternative crops became a larger part of the world’s food supply, not only would there be a better diversity of nutrients, but impact from disease would be far less than if just a few staple foods were relied on. 2. There are many advantages and disadvantages to an agrarian society. In this type of society, there is always a guarantee of access to food at locations like grocery stores and restaurants. As a hunter-gatherer, there…

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