Alta Lake State Park Is A 181 Essay

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Alta Lake State Park is a 181-acre Washington state park located in the mountainous northwest interior of the state. The park and adjacent lake lie beneath towering stone cliffs, formed by glaciation, that rise 1000 feet above the valley floor, and carry on up to the top of Old Goat Mountain which sits 4200 ft above the park. Alta Lake campground is a five minute drive from the small town of Pateros, which is 20 minutes away from Chelan. The drive up to the campsite is breathtaking. As we pass Pateros and turn down the dirt road leading to the lake my heart always thrums with anticipation. Gorgeous homes with impressive architecture line the hillside and a lush golf course can be seen below. The rolling hills are covered in an assortment of wildflowers, their petals still wet with fresh morning dew. Little wild rabbits nibble on the plant life and hide in bushes. The campsite we always choose is on the outer edge of the campground and it can easily be seen on the drive down the hill. Our campsite has two aged picnic tables covered in names carved from previous years. There is plenty of space for two tents, we always set ours up on the right side. We line our chairs around the fire pit in a circle, our scavenged firewood lies right beside us next to two large rocks. Wet towels dry on the low branches of trees. A one way road runs around the campground like a track and all of the kids would race around it. The lake is a two minute walk from our campsite. A canopy of trees…

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