Essay about Allergic Reaction Leading For Anaphylaxis

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allergic reaction leading to anaphylaxis. There are some plants species that are being made to be insect repellant with a compound that is placed in that plant known as bacillus turingiensis that allows the plant to exhibit a natural insect repellant property, however nature have a way of adopting and after too many Bt, plants have been introduced into the environment these insect could become resistant to this substance ("NRC ," 2010, p. 2).
Additionally farmer who has their fields nearby their neighbors field can experience GMO cross pollinated, and that cross pollination could transferred an allergen, and at present there is no protocol to report the cross pollination (Liang & Skinner, 2004, p. 354). Additionally this farmer has used other pesticide along with what is now a part of his crop DNA how this double insecticide dose will affect humans who consume them.
For example this company Monsanto Canada Inc. was given exclusive rights for genet-ically modified canola cells this copyright was for a plant seed that was resistant to the herbicide known as roundup. “The business sold the seed as Roundup Ready canola.” (Liang & Skinner, 2004, p. 353). However, in 1998 is was discovered by Monsanto that almost all of farmer Percy Schmeiser’s field were planted with the same type of seed. The farmer insisted he did not plant this particular seed on his farm, he indicated it was due to typical crosspollination carried by the wind or maybe a spill from a nearby farmer.

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