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English 10 Answer Key
Miss Meakes

All the Troubles of the World
Introductory Questions

1. Identify and describe: a. Protagonist – Multivac is powerful supercomputer that knows everything about everyone in the world. Multivac can predict most crimes, and it is through Multivac that the police forces have eradicated most crime and solved other economic and social problems. The people of the world have come to regard Multivac as a god-like figure. They trust Multivac with all of their most personal information and in return expect protection and answers to every question. Multivac is a troubled protagonist because it has been told so much information about human beings that it has developed human emotions.
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When Asimov cuts from one storyline to another, he leaves the reader hanging. The changes in perspective always happen just as the reader has found out something interesting, and they leave the reader guessing. In addition, the rising probability of Multivac’s destruction keeps the reader aware that the problem is not averted despite the Board of Corrections’ actions. 4. Why is the swearing-in ceremony described in detail?

The swearing-in ceremony is described in detail to show this society’s attitude toward Multivac. The ceremony is viewed with reverence and importance, and they treat this moment as an important rite of passage in every person’s life. This description shows how society reveres Multivac almost as if it is a God that will guide and protect them, if they only trust him.

*As a Catholic, this ceremony reminds me a lot of Confirmation. It marks a passage into adulthood, just as confirmation does; this is the first time that the citizens choose to report their information to Multivac instead of their parents doing it for them. In addition there are the elements of reverence and celebration.

5. Why don’t the investigators suspect Multivac?

The investigators do not suspect Multivac because they see it as infallible. They know Multivac is incapable of mistakes. In addition, the investigators do not realize that they suspect the wrong person in the Manners

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