All 's Not Well And Land Of The Lion King Essay

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In the article “All’s Not Well In Land Of “The Lion King”, Lazarus discusses how the movie: “The Lion King” negatively portrays society to children by using racism, homophobia, and social inequality. Lazarus talks about how the characters can be negatively portrayed based on the sound of their voices, the plot of the movie, and the settings. She also discusses how the negative stereotypes are clearly displayed within the movie and they are being instilled in young children. This essay is somewhat ineffective because children do not yet understand social concepts and she did not have enough reasoning to back up some of her statements. Lazarus states her thesis by saying that The Lion King is breaking box office records. But it’s not breaking stereotypes. She discusses how at first she believes it will be different from the traditional Disney movies because it is based on a group of animals and not on sexist princess movies such as The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast. Lazarus says she had grown “weary of reinforcing women’s subordinate status by screening fables about a beauty who tames an angry male beast or a mermaid who gives up her glorious voice and splits her body to be with a prince.” I agree with Lazarus’s statements about traditional Disney princess movies being sexist. In the early years of Disney movies, every princess movie involved a man saving a woman or it involved a woman conforming for a man. Other examples that support Lazarus’s statement would…

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