Essay All The Silent Sounds By Gordon Hinckley

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“Conflict grows out of ignorance and suspicion,” Gordon Hinckley so accurately wrote. As seen in the story “All the Silent Sounds,” the main characters Deya and Afeera are constantly seen as opposing forces. Most of the conflict arises from Afeera 's refusal to accept positive changes in society and her continuous mistrust and condemnation of Deya 's desires and choices. Deya wants to make her own way and choices in life while Afeera insists that Deya follows with Aferera 's traditional cultural upbringing, a lifestyle of women marrying young and having many children. Afeera demands her granddaughter stick with her traditions and values, while Deya demands her freedom. Even though these two characters have been seen as opposites for the whole story, they still emit many common traits that are worth acknowledging: strength of will, loss of love, and shared cultural expectations. One of the main similarities between Afeera and Deya arises from the fact that they are both extremely strong-willed people. Afeera’s strong will puts Deya in the awkward position of being strong-armed in marriage, while forcing Deya to be mild and timid to Afeera 's domineering ways. In like manner, Deya’s will demands that Afeera lets go of her control while Deya tries to sort out her life and live the way she wishes. Both want control and for their own will to be obeyed, but Afeera demands control in a different way since she is the one in authority. This factor brings a power imbalance to the…

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