Essay on All The Light We Can Not See

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The people whom we want to be are often not the people we are. In fact, we are molded by so many things in the society around us that our true nature gets lost early on. As people, events, and objects influence and change us, we often drift far from the actual person we are. In times of conflict when we lose so many of these objects we thought had molded us; that is when we discover who we truly are. In All the Light We Cannot See, Anthony Doerr proves that in times of conflict, the true character of human nature is revealed.
All the Light We Cannot See is an award winning novel about the hardships of War War II and its impact on two very different people, a German orphan named Werner and a blind French girl called Marie Laure and how their very different stories converge. From a young age, Werner has lived in an orphanage with his sister, Jutta where they are cared for by the French owner of the orphanage, Frau Elena. Werner develops a knack for fixing radios after he and Jutta stumble upon one and soon people are coming to him to get their radios fixed. As he starts repairing radios, his knowledge and passion for them grows. Soon, he fixes the radio of a Nazi official named Rudolf Siedler. Siedler is very impressed and Werner is offered the chance to attend a Nazi school for young men called the National Political Institute of Education at Schulpforta. Here, Werner meets a boy named Frederick who becomes his close friend. Frederick loves birds and is weaker than the other…

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