Essay on All Quiet On The Western Front

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Soldiers face many things throughout the war, not just the fighting; terrible sights, agonizing pain, hunger, fatigue, and they also face a battle with their own mind. Each war brings its own conflicts. The similarities in the hardships that soldiers faced in the Vietnam war and World War I is immense. The two wars differentiae as well. They faced many of the same struggles; harsh weather conditions, scarce amounts of foods, protection, and post-war distress symptoms. The soldiers face constant physical danger. Many of the scars the soldiers face seem to be insurmountable. The weather conditions for World War I and Vietnam War was tough for the soldiers and made the wars more difficult. WWI was cold and miserable. Erich Remarque in “In All Quiet on the Western Front” states how a World War I soldier describes his thoughts on how his dying, friend’s boots will suit him, ““They would fit me perfectly. In these boots I get blister after blister…”” (Remarque 15.) This quote shows how even though the men are losing a friend, they are keeping their mind on survival and how the boots would be beneficial because the weather was tough and cold. The weather for the soldiers during the Vietnam war was hot, humid, and miserable. They also faced heaps of rain and floods. Because of the rain and humidity, bacteria grew easily giving the soldiers infections that lead to hospitalization and deaths. Additionally, it was difficult for the soldiers to maneuver through the Vietnam jungles…

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