Essay All Quiet On The Western Front

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All Quiet on the Western Front is a novel about war. A Novel about suffering, loss, and the cold and sad realization that one young man came to about the realities of war. That young man is Paul Baumer. Paul is a very fluid and inconsistent character, he is constantly developing and changing his views on his circumstances. This is the cause of confusion for many, but also the reason that this is such a riveting and powerful book that has affected and will continue to affect all generations. His thoughts often and incessantly differ from what he says, but why? I will attempt to explain that in this paper. To begin with Paul Baumer is a very interesting and dynamic character. You see the thing is, we don’t know that much about Baumer. We know he was 19 when he enlisted, we know his internal dialogue and external conversation, we know he liked reading plays and prose. But we don’t really know much about who he is, which makes him such an interesting character. Because there is indeed an air of mystery to him. We, the readers, only see chunks and tidbits of him. We don’t see the whole picture. His whole picture. But let 's start from the beginning of the story that we do know.
Paul Baumer was convinced by his teacher to join the army. His teacher encouraged Paul and his friends to join, saying, “ ‘Won’t you join up, comrades?’ “ (Remarque, 11). And so they did. You were considered a coward if you didn 't join, you were called a wimp. So Paul enlisted, whether due to peer…

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