Essay on All Quiet On The Western Front

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All Quiet On the Western Front In the book All Quiet On the Western front which is set behind the German Front Lines During World War l. We hear a story of six young soldiers who all went to school together and volunteered to fight in the great war due to nationalism and the thought of heroism of fighting for Germany their homeland. We are told the horrors of fighting in trench warfare on the western front and how it is to live their day by day. All Quiet On the Western Front shows the true brutality of war and we see its effect as certain things begin to take a toll on every character throughout the story with what they see and go through while they are fighting in the Trenches. The Story has six main characters that are described and recalled through the eyes of Paul Baum. He was Just a young teenage boy who enlisted and had no experience since he was too young to have gone through anything life changing before. He’s the one who gives us the seat into seeing what the war was like through his thoughts. We see him change from an innocent new recruit wanting to fight for glory to a battle hardened soldier who is experienced with death beginning when the first of his friends Behm dies. Paul says he died and no one could help him because, “He got hit in the eye during an attack, and we left him lying for dead.” “He failed to keep under cover, and so was shot down before anyone could go and fetch him in.” He originally didn’t want to fight in the war but couldn’t say no to his…

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