All I Want Is Peace And Justice Essay

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The American writers in the second half of the nineteenth century often focus on situations when individuals are called upon to face many challenges. Post-Civil War brought many trials and tribulations for Americans. Whether it was Native Americans trying to stand ground for their land, freed slaves trying to navigate their new freedom, or women in traditional subservient roles trying to take a stand, American writers drew upon these new challenges for Americans and wove it into their literature.
First, the writing shows that individuals are required to face challenges in post-Civil War society. Railroads were expanding, westward growth was on the rise and individuals were faced with fighting for their land, their freedom and their citizenship. The westward expansion meant new challenges for Native Americans. Native American Indian chief, Red Cloud, who fought to protect his native land from the white man’s western movement, tells a story in “All I Want Is Peace and Justice” describing the despicable treatment Native Americans received from the white settlers. Red Cloud reminds them that they are all equal under God’s eyes and that his people and their children that follow deserve peace and justice, not the abuse and oppression they have had to endure. DuBois and Booker T. Washington tell the trials and tribulations of slavery because despite being free, the slaves didn’t really understand how to approach this new life. Freed slave Booker T. Washington’s challenge was to…

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