All Gold Canyon By Jack London Essay

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Mahatma Gandi, a human activist, once said “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man 's need,but not every man 's greed”. This quote accurately describes the plot in the short story “All Gold Canyon”, written by Jack London, about man destroying nature. London, the author, a very versatile writer, a morally sensitive thinker, and an artistic genius. The short story begins with the protagonist, a solitary prospector, coming upon a pristine canyon in the southwestern U.S. The main character of “All Gold Canyon”, a pocket-miner simply named “Bill”, resembles as such a frontier type, possessing the best qualities of that type of person. The canyon seems singular in its pure natural beauty, and London’s description of it is a real tour de force. The prospector takes out a pan and begins testing the dirt for traces of gold and to his luck, he is not disappointed either. Things go well and eventually he finds the source of the gold deposit. Extracting the gold for him isn’t easy though, as he must deal with natural obstacles as well as a nefarious “claim-jumper” before the story ends. London uses multiple literary elements to portray the point he continues to get across. The main theme London illustrates throughout the story is human greed spoils paradise. The whole representation of the miner digging up the canyon displays how humans are oblivious to their greed and it overcomes them, so that they destroy the “paradises” of the earth. London 's use of characterization,…

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