Essay on All Gods Children

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All God’s Children

Early life experiences are undoubtedly instrumental in determining who we will be for the rest of our lives. Certain circumstances, both positive and negative, can go a long way in shaping us. As an analogy, George W. Bush probably never would have had a chance at running for the presidency if his father were never elected to this title. Likewise, there are probably many promising children being raised in low socio-economic status areas that will never be given an opportunity to hone their skills and talents. The latter is representative of the type of life that both Butch and Willie Bosket had to endure. For example my self my mother had nothing to show for her whole life I probably wouldn’t had either but being
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Butch was raised mainly by his grandmother early on, and rarely saw his father growing up, and the one time that he did move back with Butch and his mother, he beat Butch badly. Although Benson’s definition focuses more on visually witnessing the deviance, the murders Butch committed were no less influential. Butch’s parents were almost never together throughout his life, so this paradigm is certainly relevant. Butch was severely beaten by his father for the two month period that he moved back in. The two Boskets also were victims of rejection from their mother and other caregivers, as well as being given unnecessarily harsh punishments; both of these are predecessors of misbehavior. As Willie got a little bit older, he would be sent to stay with his grandfather on weekends. According to Benson, beatings are usually the result of a child’s misbehavior. Willie never knew Butch growing up, as he had been put in prison for a brutal murder. Although a lot of Willie and Butch’s more serious behavior was noticed, not all of their violent behavior may have been detected due to this lack of supervision. Prior to Butch’s father moving in, Butch’s mother left him; he was raised to hate her, and was even encouraged to spit on her upon seeing her again. Although more reluctant than any of Butch’s caregivers, she handed him to Wiltwyck (the same child center Butch

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