Alexander Hamilton Essay

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History 111
(Book Review) Publish on 1999 ,Alexander Hamilton, American, it’s a 240 pages biography book on which author Richard Brookhiser sets the arguments to describe one of America’s founding fathers, Mr Alexander Hamilton. Richard Brookhiser takes us through the times on which Hamilton lived, accounting all the extraordinary events that surrounded and shape his life and character from his humble beginnings in St. Croix to the years he hold a position of power as the nation’s Treasury Secretary. All through the book Brookhiser explore other’s points of view about Hamilton. As all persons involved in politics Hamilton had supporters, enemies and people that could not
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After the introduction the author takes the journey to the erliest years as Hamilton grows up at St. Croix on the Virgin Islands. At a very young age Hamilton showed signs of his great abilities as a writer. One of his letters ended up published on the Gazette which helped him to be sponsor by friends and employers to come to the mainland. He got his education at king’s college in New York and start writing about politics and the ongoing revolution.
On the chapter entitled War, Brookhiser takes us to Hamilton’s involvement in the revolution, but most importantly his relationship with the great commander and future president George Washington. As the autor describe it “for the first time in his life –and also for the last-Alexander Hamilton was meeting a man who was greater than himself”(. After war he was put on charge of The Treasury wich was by far the largest department of the new government. With regard to the others in Washington’s cabinet, Brookhiser said of Hamilton, “ He worked harder than his colleagues and had more work to do. (Brookhiser, p.83).” His First Report on Public Credit Hamilton realized that assumption of the debts of the states by the government would lead the United States to have more creditworthiness, the Treasury Secretary’s most important arguments, according to Brookhiser, were that individual states were inflating their way out of debt or defaulting and that these actions

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