Alexander Hamilton 's Impact On America Essay

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Over 200 years ago, the idea of a national currency, a regulated economic system, and even banks was such a new concept that some opposed the idea. The Federalist were the ones who wanted to fight for the new concept but others were not okay with it. The Federalists, who were led by the Founding Father, Alexander Hamilton, made an impact on America as a whole. Today’s society would not be that way it is without the determination and hard work that Alexander Hamilton and the other Federalist put in. The idea of a National Bank was what made Alexander Hamilton successful. Alexander Hamilton, now on the ten dollar bill, was easily more impactful than Thomas Jefferson, who led the the Democratic- Republicans.
Alexander Hamilton was born in the British West Indies in 1757. His mother and father were never married and after a couple years, his father left. His mother was left with two boys. At the young age of 11, Alexander started working. While he was working he and his mother became very ill. Although Hamilton got better, his mother died at the young age of 38. He then moved in with his cousin, but no long after he moved in, his cousin took his own life. Alexander was determined to become someone. He was a hard worker and had impressed his boss while working for a trading charter. His employers thought of him as an intelligent young man and wanted to send him to America to get an education. By the age of 16, he had finally made it to America. In America, he enrolled into…

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