Alexander Hamilton Goals

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Federalist and the first Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton created a permanent debt and national bank to make sure the United States had a good credit to secure loans from the financiers in hope to gain profit. Although James Madison and Jefferson opposed against Hamilton’s creation because it was “unconstitutional”, President Washington signed the legislation and it was enabled. Alexander Hamilton wanted to enhance national authority and assist financiers and merchants. Hamilton created a government assisted economic development by asking the Congress for $55 million in Confederation securities. In the textbook of America's History, Henretta, “His reasons were simple: As an underdeveloped nation, the United States needed good credit to secure loans from Dutch and British financiers”(216). Hamilton was thinking wise before any type of money collapsed could have happened. His reasons were broad and he anticipated for the best outcome he could get out of creating a national bank. …show more content…
“By his funding operation Hamilton not only established the national credit but he secured for the new government the active support of wealthy bondholders who received interest payments”(The Legacy of the Federalists). The quote depicts the understanding that in societies eyes, Hamilton did succeed. His main goals was to make other people feel secure and in The Legacy of the Federalists, it seems people trusted his creation of his pla. He argued and fought for his plan to be successful by making alliances by promising favors for other states. For example he won votes from Virginia and Maryland by promising the national capital to be build along the Potomac

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