Alejandro Mamani : A Case Of Culture And Personality Essay

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I will be doing this reaction paper on pairing number two. The first video was on culture and personality while the second video was called Alejandro Mamani: A case study in culture and personality. Following the two videos, I wasn’t certain how to compare or contrast the two videos. Subsequent to our class discussions, I was able to wrap my mind around how they compare to one another. For instance, comprehending that both culture and personality are abstract was a nice starting point for me to understand this topic. I found it interesting in “Alejandro Mamani: A case study in culture and personality”, they ended the movie with a question, asking“did Alejandro’s culture give him a way out?” Furthermore, it was amusing how his display of deviance was socially accepted by the mention of evil spirits.
Before greeting psychological anthropology in culture and personality, I need first have a true understanding of what culture and personality is. That is, both culture and personality are abstract. As it was stated on Wikipedia, abstract is existing in thought or as an idea but not having a physical or concrete existence. Furthermore, in Umanitoba’s online book of anthropology the author proposes that culture and personality are described as a group of people’s beliefs, norms, and values, a society uses to cope with the world. This aligns perfectly with Alejandro’s culture, a society that believed that evil spirits were attacking him, and as a coping mechanism, he went to the…

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