Alcoholism : The Theory Of Personality, Cognitive Dissonance, And Even Denial

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Alcohol plays a huge role in my life. I see the people that I love controlled by it every day. It can be linked with many different things. Alcohol can be caused either genetically or from environments that surround the victim. Based on Freud’s Structural Model addiction can be caused from psychosexual or psychoanalysis. According to Freud addicts are they way they are because of the oral fixation, which is a result of the first stage in psychosexual. As stated by many different sources and research addiction can involve “The theory of personality”, cognitive dissonance, and even denial. First of all, alcoholism plays a part in Freud’s psychosexual stages of development. I’ve learned that alcoholism can develop in the oral stage (zero to eighteen months). Where as they learn the pleasurable body zones and where as they are possessive orally. Freud’s theory suggests that if the bottle is taken away to fast or breast feeding is eliminated it can result in alcoholism. Many argue if they believe Freud yet some are convinced for Freud was an addict himself. He was addicted to morphine and cocaine yet he trained himself to quit. Many argue that his model is incorrect since he was high during the making of it yet many see the accuracy of it. According to an article “Freud had abandoned his cocaine abuse by the time most of his influential ideas were Conceived” (Markel, Howard, 2012, p. 5).

Furthermore, I learned that alcoholics have to deal with…

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