Alcoholism And Alcohol Abuse Disorder Essay example

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Alcoholism or alcohol abuse disorder should not be defined by one specific biological, environmental or psychosocial factor but rather as a disease with many interrelated factors and symptoms (Oltmanns and Emery, 2015). Alcohol consumption in our culture is a common behavior that is heightened by the media and engrained in the moral customs within our social worlds. This alcohol acceptance within our culture, coupled with personal denial and other emotional health problems, creates a problem when distinguishing a divide between acceptable drinking habits and a problematic physical dependency to alcohol (Szabó, and Gerevich, 2013). According to the DSM-IV the standards for alcohol addiction is a “maladaptive pattern of alcohol abuse leading to significant impairment or distress” (Oltmanns and Emery, 2015).
When referencing the scenario of Mark and whether or not he has a “drinking problem,” I would first question what prompted his wife to give Mark an ultimatum about his drinking habits. Was Mark displaying dysfunctional behaviors that were damaging their relationship? Was his denial the cause for him to ignore the signs of a drinking problem, making him unaware of the effects it had on his marriage? The first step to alcohol recovery is a person’s willingness to admit that a problem exists. Despite his wife’s concerns and threat of divorce, Mark is unable to get help until he realizes he has a problem. Hopefully with the help of a therapist, through treatment, abstinence…

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