Alcoholics Anonymous ( Aa ) Essay

737 Words Nov 6th, 2014 3 Pages
I had heard about Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) throughout high school and then once again in college. But I never knew what to fully expect from an AA meeting. The only thing I thought that happened was that someone would introduce themselves by saying their first name and proceed by saying that they were an alcoholic. Then after that everyone would say hello with their first name after. But, after that I had no idea what to expect. Maybe to hear the persons story on how they were an alcoholic but I didn 't know what else after that. Once, actually going to the meeting I got to see that what I thought was partially right but I was pleasantly surprised to see that there was more to the meeting. Added to what I perviously had visioned was that at the beigning of the meeting they explained what alcoholics anonyms was about and they did a reading from one of the books to lead the discussion to base everyone 's responses on, also they read information on one of the rules to talk about. The for the meeting mainly focused on faith and maintaining sobriety and the rule was number eleven. so you heard not just their stories on being alcoholics you heard there life through recovery as well and how they still struggle and how their mind sets have changed or how they are. while a man was sharing he said one thing that really got me thinking, he said " everyone struggles with something, my struggle is with alcohol, if I don 't do anything about it nothing will ever done, you just…

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