Essay about Alcoholics Anonymous ( Aa )

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Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) has become a major treatment approach that has been developed and deemed effective for working with individuals addicted to or abuse alcohol. Alcohol Anonymous (AA) was spearheaded by Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob Smith and was officially started in May 1935. Both Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob Smith recognized that sobriety could be attained or maintained through supporting others and themselves. Spiritual beliefs involved in AA were derived from the Oxford Group, which Bill Wilson was a part of. Most Alcoholic Anonymous (AA) meetings are held in church halls or basements where groups are at no cost and are considered community-based resources for individuals in need (Straussner, 2013). Individuals who once struggle with alcohol abuse conduct AA meetings and a total immersion is recommended. More importantly, "twelve step programs are mutual help groups that operate without professional intervention" (Straussner, 2013, p.276). Alcoholic Anonymous (AA) meetings can either be closed or open. Closed meetings are kept for those in fellowship whereas open meetings are for anyone interested. Twelve step programs promote abstinence, taking personal responsibility, and connecting to a higher power (Straussner, 2013).
Similarly, support through sponsorship is big part of 12 step programs. “Sponsorship is a mutually beneficial relationship in which a long term member provides support and advice to the comer” (Straussner, 2013, p.276). A variety of groups for substance…

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