Alcoholic Anonymous : A Meeting For Individuals Struggling With An Addiction

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Alcoholic Anonymous is a meeting for individuals struggling with an addiction to alcohol. The AA meeting along with other individuals with similar addiction stories provide support though networking and coping skills. I attended a 6:00 pm open Alcoholics Anonymous meeting in Southaven, MS, at Bullfrog Corner. I already had my own perception of an Alcoholic Anonymous meeting. My thoughts were that everyone would be in a circle and begin to talk about their addiction. I also thought they would all repeat the twelve steps together. The meeting opens with someone reading the serenity prayer, reading of the AA preamble, a daily reflection, and various other readings. Following the opening readings, individuals told personal stories of their struggles with alcohol use and abuse from their past. In telling their stories, that also expounded on their struggles to remain sober. The leaders of the meeting would call upon someone to discuss their stories and any presenting issues. The individual will begin my stating their name followed by “I am an alcoholic. “This was a small meeting but there was a lot of information gain and observe. I could tell that this was a very supportive group of individuals, and that they really rely on each other for strength through the addiction process. There was one male that refilled everyone ‘s coffee cup and made more coffee for the group. One lady told her story of alcohol addiction and her continued daily struggles. She discussed one…

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